Thinkproject and GAMMA AR enter partnership

Thinkproject is excited to announce its newest partnership with GAMMA AR, a Europe-based company bringing the latest in Augmented Reality to the built asset industry.


Apr. 16, 2024

Augmented Reality now available in our solutions

Founded in Luxembourg by experienced industry professionals in 2019, GAMMA AR are dedicated to the needs of the built asset industry and the people working in it.

Providing the latest technology in Virtual Design & Construction Management

Integration between Thinkproject and GAMMA AR will enable asset owners to boost productivity and collaboration throughout the construction lifecycle. Construction professionals lose approximately 14 hours per week on non-productive tasks, and rework accounts for 9% of all construction costs.

With the assistance of Virtual Design & Construction Management tools, intensive administrative tasks are simplified, and time can be focused on the innovation that produces high-quality built assets. With Augmented Reality (AR), important information can be overlaid onto the real world, bringing new clarity and a fresh perspective to assets. This clear overview can help with keeping tasks on time and on budget, whilst supporting collaboration and transparency across teams and their supply chains.

Bringing AR into a digitalisation strategy

All this combined leads to safer, more sustainable builds that are compliant with the latest in regulations.

On-site guidance

Guidance and instructions in real-time helps teams perform tasks accurately and efficiently.

Quality control

Overlaying digital information onto physical structures allows teams to identify defects and deviations from design specifications.

Remote collaboration

Stakeholders are enabled to virtually view and interact with construction progress from anywhere in the world.

Equipment maintenance

Visual guides and instructions for servicing and repairs make them more accurate and safer to execute.

  • Our expert says
    “We are excited to begin our new partnership with GAMMA AR. Thinkproject’s capabilities can now reach even further. Together, we can provide cutting-edge technology that supports our customers’ goals and the vision of a gold-standard built asset industry.”
    Patrcia Rio
    Director of Partnerships, Thinkproject

New era of Thinkproject

This new partnership is part of the next era of Thinkproject, the cloud-based platform bringing the Connected Data Ecosystem to the entire built asset lifecycle. Want to discuss your Quality, Safety, Health & Environment Management needs with our experts? Book some time in with our friendly team today!

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