Thinkproject receives Level 2 BIM attestation

TÜV ISO 19650 conformance towards BIM information management according to international standard


Feb. 6, 2024

Thinkproject receives Level 2 BIM attestation and ISO 19650 conformity for SaaS product CONCLUDE CDE

Thinkproject has received ISO 19650 attestation of conformity for its product CONCLUDE CDE (Common Data Environment) from TÜV SÜD. The international standardisation system ISO 19650 regulates all processes of the digital management of building information using BIM and ensures quality in digital workflows. Additionally, TÜV SÜD has confirmed BIM Level 2 capabilities of CONCLUDE. 

The attestation of conformity from TÜV SÜD confirms that the modular system CONCLUDE CDE meets the extensive requirements of the ISO standard and takes them into account throughout the entire construction lifecycle – from planning to operation phase. With this confirmation from an independent source, customers can be assured that with CONCLUDE CDE, the BIM information flow is guaranteed in all phases of a construction project and beyond. This helps reduce errors and ensures better cost controls. 

Information management according to ISO 19650 ensures higher efficiency in construction projects

The BIM information exchange and access to up-to-date data are crucial for the success of a construction project and the lifecycle of the asset. However, given the multitude of stakeholders and vast amounts of documentation, applications, as well as designs and with plans that are constantly changing, it is difficult to keep track of the latest information. This is where the international standard ISO 19650 comes in. Its goal is to simplify information management in construction with BIM and address associated challenges such as lack of clarity, structure, and processes.   

The standards document published in Germany as “DIN EN ISO 19650 ‘Organisation of Information About Construction Works – Information Management Using Building Information Modelling (BIM)’” covers standardised information flows, processes, and roles and rights within the construction project. 

It specifically focuses on exchange, documentation version control, and organisation of information, and is aimed at all stakeholders involved in a construction project. ISO 19650 is based on the principles and overarching requirements of the UK BIM Framework and complies with the standards PAS 1192-2:2013 and BS 1192:2007 +A2:2016.  

“In large-scale construction projects, there are many different stakeholders, and the composition of the team is completely different for each project,” says Dr. Ralf Hundhammer, CTO of Thinkproject. “Both access to the same data and well-functioning standardised processes are therefore essential here. By using the same data pool and agreeing on certain processes, you have a completely different understanding among all project participants because everyone knows what is expected of them. The flow of information improves, resulting in fewer errors, while also avoiding duplication of work. This helps keep costs under control,” he explains.  

Thinkproject’s CONCLUDE CDE central data source throughout the entire lifecycle

TÜV SÜD’s comprehensive ISO 19650 Compliance Programme includes over 750 construction-related, practice-oriented test criteria and multiple, in-depth audits of CONCLUDE CDE, thus enabling a reliable statement on full compliance with the requirements for digital information management. As a CDE is intended to be a lifecycle-encompassing platform for the management and optimisation of construction data, CONCLUDE CDE was tested both for the processes of the project phase in accordance with ISO 19650-1:2018 and ISO 19650-2:2018, as well as for use in the operational phase of buildings in accordance with ISO 19650-3:2020.  

The SaaS product CONCLUDE CDE has always served as a Common Data Environment, i.e. as a central data source for all project stakeholders. CONCLUDE CDE captures and manages any relevant construction project data in a typical BIM process – from the planning phase to operations. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to the latest information – just as ISO 19650 requires.

Advantageous for public tenders

The attestation of conformity according to ISO 19650 is also advantageous for public tenders. In the BIM master plan for federal buildings and in the implementation of various state construction measures, information management in accordance with ISO 19650 is even required by public clients as a prerequisite for the use of technology and for information processes. The attestation allows public clients to ensure that services or products meet certain quality standards. However, due to the limited number of providers that have an ISO 19650 attestation, such evidence has never been required by public clients for reasons of unfair competition. Now, they can demand this in their tenders. With its ISO 19650 attestation of conformity, Thinkproject is one of the few German providers who can officially prove conformity with this standard.  

“The attestation is an investment that helps us create more transparency,” says Ralf. “With this official confirmation, our customers have in their hands a proof from a renowned and independent auditor that CONCLUDE CDE complies with the ISO standard. Thus, Thinkproject offers its clients everything one would expect from a CDE – from data management in the construction phase to data management in the operating phase .” 

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