Building safety beyond construction

Understanding asset-centric information management


Join us for an enlightening discussion on navigating evolving building regulations and mastering information management. Discover how digital platforms elevate efficiency and future-proof your skills for effective delivery and compliance.

Over the last few decades, a lot of attention has been given to the project delivery related health and safety and safety during the construction phase, but incidents like the Grenfell tower tragedy have highlighted the need for a more comprehensive approach.

The webinar will explore why our current methods of managing information may not be sufficient for ensuring the long-term safety and legal compliance. It aims to shed light on the challenges and considerations in managing information in a way that prioritises the entire lifecycle of a building, including its operation, maintenance, repurposing, reuse, and eventual deconstruction.

We will also discuss how to handle information throughout the entire life-cycle of a building asset, from the design and construction phase to de-construction.

What we covered

  • Exploring the implications of updated building regulations 
  • The golden thread: Mastering information management for asset-centric excellence 
  • How digital platforms can support to elevate information management 
  • Future-proofing skills: Anticipating changes and building competencies for effective delivery 
  • What the shift in Information management means for you as a Practitioner

Watch the webinar

This webinar, co-presented by Thinkproject’s Valeriya Cherkasova & Bola Abisogun, CEO of Digital Twin Skills Academy, addresses the inadequacies of current information management practices in ensuring long-term building safety and legal compliance, advocating for a comprehensive approach that spans the entire lifecycle of a building.