Data-driven construction

Maximising data potential with platform analytics


This on-demand webinar is presented by our industry experts: Elizaveta Pushkova – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Gopi Krishnan – Product Director and Christan von Hasselbach – Product Expert.

We will delve into the power of analytics within the construction industry’s landscape.

We will explore Thinkproject’s CLOUD platform’s and its transformative capabilities with analytics, serving as a secure hub for seamless access to our suite of solutions.

Key Highlights

  • Enhance project efficiency with construction analytics for tailored data-driven solutions.
  • Explore Thinkproject CLOUD’s transformative capabilities for seamless access to our suite of solutions.
  • From multi-client contract management dashboards to in-depth analytics for observations, forms, document management & CDE, discover how data consolidation can drive smarter business decisions.
  • "Empower your construction management with actionable insights and streamlined decision-making through our platform analytics. Our analytics offering transforms complexity into clarity, guiding you towards smarter business decisions in every project."
    Elizaveta Pushkova
    Snr. Product Marketing, Thinkproject

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Explore how analytics reshapes decision-making and strategic planning, and why it’s indispensable in today’s construction environment.