The building blocks of information security

Constructing secure foundations for you and your providers


Adopting a digitalisation strategy is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for organisations looking towards success for their construction lifecycle.

As the built asset industry continues to evolve, innovative software solutions are advancing and providing crucial support for a range of tasks, from data management to BIM and beyond. 

As data management and data collection moves online, there is an increasing threat of security breaches that can devastate businesses. The construction sector is experiencing an 800% increase in data breaches. Want to learn more about what to consider in defining and implementing an information security strategy? Our information security whitepaper covers the topics of information security and data protection to give you a head start on staying secure. 

Our CTO says...

“With the widespread use of integrated systems, cloud platforms, and IoT devices, the reach of an attack has expanded massively. By combining strong technical defence with an educated workforce, organisations can effectively mitigate cyber risks and safeguard its critical assets.”

Ralf Hundhammer, CTO Thinkproject

What is covered?

  • Consequences of a security breach 
  • Understanding information security 
  • Clarity on data protection 
  • Information security and your digital strategy 
  • How to protect your data 
  • Developing your strategy 
  • Insights from our expert 
  • Future trends 

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